Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Daily Shuffle #3: Owl City

Meteor Shower by Owl City. From Owl City's (A.K.A Adam Young) second album Ocean Eyes.

I'm not really sure... I guess I'd describe Owl City as a bit of a guilty pleasure, only I'm not totally convinced as to how much pleasure I actually derive from listening to them...

Pleasantly over-produced. If you really crank it up and get an earful of the plethora of various quaint samples going on, it's suspiciously nice. If I had to liken this song to a dish, I'd say it was like an over-manufactured sponge cake topped with synth sauce and sprinkled with beeps. As always, Young's just singing about some girl or something.

Who cares?
For fans of self-obsessed auto-tuned hipster bedroom pop. Best listened to whilst duck-facing. If you're looking for similar but far superior synth-pop stylings with less autotune, have a gander at Passion Pit.

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