Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Daily Shuffle #5: Björn Kleinhenz

The Year Of The Adder by Björn Kleinhenz taken from his 2010 album Head Held High In Fearsome Pride.

I discovered Björn Kleinhenz through Spotify and despite barely being able to correctly pronounce his name, felt inclined to check out more of his stuff.

The Year Of The Adder 
is an entirely instrumental affair, focussing on Kleinhenz's guitar playing which showcases a variety of fingerpicking, strummed chords and single-string melodies. The result is a brief but pleasingly contrapuntal amalgamation of guitar melodies demonstrating Kleinhenz's love of the instrument.

Who cares?
For fans of Swedish folky singer-songwriter sorta stuff. Black Water is a good song (with vocals and all) to check out. If you particularly enjoyed the guitar in this song, you might enjoy the superb six-stringed stylings of Leo Kottke

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