Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Broke For Free

Forging fresh chillwave out of Oklahoma, producer Tom Cascino, recording as Broke For Free,  constructs rich soundscapes of funk-driven bass, crisp drum samples and a plethora of infectious guitar melodies, courtesy of guitarist Mark Edwards. With songs dating back to 2010, Cascino's sound is eclectic and inquiring, enjoying a range of jazz, electronic and house elements which often allude to the likes of Bonobo and Mr Scruff. Cascino's love of art doesn't end with music, however, and the one-man sound-smith also has a portfolio of vivid and engaging photos - much like his music - to his name, to boot. All of Broke For Free's work is available for free download on Bandcamp and makes for innovative and compulsive listening.

Gander at: Budding, Juparo, Things To Come

Stack with: Bonobo, Mr Scruff, Gold Panda

Links: FacebookSoundCloud, Bandcamp

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