Monday, 19 May 2014

Los Porcos - Waterfalls

Renowned for their lively gigs and fondness of 'New Pork City' t-shirts, Manchester's former WU LYF members Tom McClung, Evans Kati and Joe Manning in collaboration with members of West London's FAMY and Swiss soloist Profondo, craft summer-centric songs rife with lo-fi guitar riffs, and in previous releases like 'Do You Wanna Live' and 'Jesus Luvs U Baby', falsetto vocals which have marked a departure from the defining rawness of WU LYF's Ellery James Robert's almost feral choruses.

Latest offering Waterfall is an compulsively chilled-out instrumental affair of twinkling guitars, cassette-crisp drums, and swooning synths that certainly doesn't outstay its welcome only only further whets our appetites for future things to come from the big-city collective.

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