Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Daily Shuffle #18: 'Ester'

'Ester' by Elefant

I seem to remember discovering Elefant during one of my many 'good music to download' Googling sprees in my early, awkward teens, through their 2003 song 'Misfit'. Like many double-digits-and-change year-olds, I clearly felt that the song bore enough resemblance to my own life situation to bother downloading it. Ahhh, hazy Limewire days...

Like many of the songs on the New York four-pieces 2003 debut Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, 'Ester is a pop-garage-indie-rock affair built around a humble and repetitive, buzzy, guitar-esque synth hook, front-man Diego Garcia's intoned vocal style, and some plush Storkesey chord sweeps from the guitar department. And as you might have expected, it's about a girl called Ester.

Who Cares?
For indie rock affectionados looking for a sound somewhere between The Strokes and Interpol, made by four men with a penchant for German spelling.

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