Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Daily Shuffle #1: a rummage around in my iTunes library

I thought it would be a novel idea to write a daily blog post based on a random song in my music library, discussing why I have it (or shouldn't), why it's good (or isn't) and why you should get it (or why you probably shouldn't get it). The rules are simple, I have to use the first song that comes up when I press the shuffle button; this could be anything (not literally anything) from Abba to Bach, The Beatles to The Zoo Duet (I'm not even really sure who they are, but they're in there). So, without any further ados, I present you... *clicks shuffle with great trepidation*

Avalanche by S. Carey. A drummer and a singer in Bon Iver, Sean Carey released his debut Album All We Grow in 2010, recorded under the watchful eye of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon at Carey's home and Vernon's studio. Avalanche actually comes from his latest EP offering Hoyas, released in early 2012. 


Needless to say, I discovered the musical stylings of S. Carey through the beloved Bon Iver. 

Avalanche is a placid ethereal wash of piano, synth and vocal harmonies, with just a hint of Woods-esque auto-tuned vocals. 4/5

Who cares?
You'll probably like this if you're a Bon Iver fan. I'd also recommend listening to his very tranquil and rather minimalist, almost Reich-esque in places, In The Dirt,

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