Monday, 9 September 2013

The Daily Shuffle #9: Jimmy Eat World

by Jimmy Eat World, from their 2004 album Futures.

Named after a drawing created in an act of revenge by one of rhythm guitarist Tom Linton's siblings, Jimmy Eat World are another American 'punk', 'emo' band I remember being bandied about at parties and such as I was growing up.

is a rebellious anthem against somebody or something, founded on a bed of overdriven power-chord rhythms and dispersed with punchy riffs and guitar melodies, above which frontman Jim Adkin sings about the absence of anything wrong in a catchy pop-hook filled style that harks to the likes of a heavier All-American Rejects.

Who cares?
For fans of late 90's to early 2000's  American 'punk' rock, see also: All-American Rejects, Blink-182, Something Corporate, Yellowcard, etc.

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