Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Daily Shuffle #10: Avril Lavigne

My World 
by Avril Lavigne, from the Canadian pop-'rock'-star's 2002 album Let Go.

No doubt this pop gem found its way into my library because Miss Lavigne used to make a habit of cruising around her music videos on a skateboard.

Built around a sickeningly upbeat guitar chord sequence, My World is a sanguine confession (I never spend much less than an hour / washing my hair in the shower) of all the things that make Avril, Avril. If this song was a drink it would be a mug of warm Canadian snow drizzled in maple syrup.

Who cares?
Whilst I have perhaps somewhat deluded images of Lavigne as a cool-kid skater-girl punk rocker with flowers in her hair, this song is poppy to the extreme and will probably appeal to anyone into early noughties pop.

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