Monday, 30 September 2013

Review: Two Door Cinema Club - Changing of the Seasons EP

With two relentlessly catchy full length albums and a handful of equally addictive EPs under their belt, it would seem Northern Irish three-piece Two Door Cinema Club can do no wrong. And Changing of the Seasons looks set to continue that trend. The eponymous opening track drops us in well-trodden Two Door territory as, amidst a tapestry of trademark guitar melodies, chirruping synths and pounding percussion and bass, we're borne along by to yet another definitive Alex Trimble chorus.

Come the second track Crystal, and we're indulged to a much slower affair, as reflective strings and delicate Trimble vocals lead us through an elegantly ambient soundscape that wouldn't be out of place on a Brian Eno record.

By Golden Veins, we're picking up speed again as dance-laden synths and a thumping bass line tempt us with a return to yet another compulsive chorus which the song's climax happily delivers. My only reservation over this track is that the production feels a little bit off, in comparison the rest of the EP, lacking the polished punch and allowing some of the detail of the guitars to get lost in the mix.

The EP's closing track, a remix by French House producer Monsieur Adi treats us to a Daft Punk-esque reinvention of Changing of the Seasons as irresistibly dance-able synth hooks and a more-than modest helping of definitively-Adi horn section leave us wondering just how the Two Door boys could ever disappoint.

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