Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Little Animal

Crafting Phoenix-tinged pop straight out of Paris, Little Animal is the moniker of French musician Romain Blatter, whose brand of quaint smooth-spoken guitar-founded songwriting is pleasingly simplistic in its construction and production without being overtly lo-fi. In the vein of other easygoing indie poppers like Sweet Sweet Concord, Blatter's down-to-earth lyrics aren't afraid to tread well known love song territory whilst simultaneously offering an unassuming take on life that it is refreshingly honest and uncomplicated and makes for very pleasant chilled out listening to-boot. His debut EP Branches is available to download for a price of your choice on Bandcamp now.

Gander at: Everyday, Cold Ashtray, Morningtime

Stack with: Sweet Sweet Concord, Phoenix, 

Links: Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud

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