Friday, 4 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Typhoon

Typhoon are an indie rock oddity. Originating in Portland, Oregon, the eleven-piece-plus collective bring to mind the likes of other such expansive orchestral-centered groups as River City Extension, and Arcade Fire. However their sound is quite different. Rumoured to have up to twenty-one musicians at a time and a tendency to practice barefoot in a cluttered room, the unique and sizeable ensemble showcase a hearty mix of folk, rock and pop elements, with the help of a rich mix of vocal harmonies, crooning strings, intricate guitars and up to three drum kits. Frontman and founder, Kyle Morton's arresting vocals, which teeter on the edge of anguish throughout many of the group's songs, often allude to the likes of Admiral Fallow in their dejected-yet-determined style: particularly apparent in songs like Young Fathers, from their latest offering Whiter Lighter. Other times, Morton's voice, in songs such as Morton's Fork, or The Sickness Until Death from second album Hunger and Thirst, adorns itself with the quiet beauty of a Fionn Regan record. No matter their beginnings, you can be sure that almost every song will flourish into a climactic folk-rock extravaganza, brimming with rich orchestral offerings, florid vocal melodies, and a less-then-modest pinch of brass.

Gander at: Young Fathers, The Lake, Morton's Fork

Stack with: Admiral Fallow, Arcade Fire, River City Extension

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