Saturday, 5 October 2013

One To Watch: Nathanna

Crafting guitar-centric indie rock out of Stocksbridge, Sheffield, up-and-coming four-piece Nathanna - presumably a portmanteau of singer Nat's, and drummer Anna's names - blend red-hot-raw riffs with Jack Haywood's groove-loaded bass, and early Alex Turner-esque vocals. Latest offering Perfume, is a raucous indie rock 'n' roll affair, with a distinctly Franz Ferdinand feel to it in parts, showcasing a more refined sound to their earlier works with the added benefit of a short but fiery guitar solo, courtesy of lead guitarist Ewan Knight. Think Arctic Monkeys with added funk.

Gander at: 6 & Two, Stuck On You, Dessert Diamond, Perfume, Help Another Night (No Another Heart)

Stack with: Arctic Monkeys, Little Man Tate, Franz Ferdinand

Links: FacebookSoundcloud, YouTube

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