Sunday, 6 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Vadoinmessico

Psychedelic-pop five piece Vadoinmessico combine the musical influences of France, Mexico, Austria and Italy instilled in their members, to create a beautifully diverse and refreshing sound. Not afraid to bring a hearty-helping of flamenco guitar to the table, in songs like Teeo, from their 2012 debut LP Archaeology Of The Future, every song feels as though it has been treated to a weekend in sun and pampered with a spa treatment of freshly-squeezed percussion. From flutes, to synths, and woodblocks to handclaps - and it hardly needs mentioning that for handclaps to be an acceptable staple in the rhythm section of of any band they've got to be done well - the self-described anti-folkers take an array of sounds in their stride, and do so with zest. Add to this singer Giorgio Poti's easy-going, euphonious and often-harmonised vocals, coupled with happy-go-lucky guitar, banjo and ukulele string-stylings, and you've got a recipe for what, in the hands of any other band, could be a sickeningly-sanguine sound. But Vadoinmessico pull it off with ease.

Gander at: Teeo, Perfect Strangers, In Spain

Stack with: Gypsy And The Cat, Crystal Fighters, Devendra Banhart

Links: Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp

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