Saturday, 23 November 2013

Catch of the Day: Mutual Benefit

Melding Antler-esque vocals with a medley of mellow strings, banjos, guitars, shakers glockenspiels, and various quaint woodwind instruments and wispy percussion, Mutual Benefit is the brainchild of Jordan Lee who, with the help of whoever happened to be around at the time and was able to take time off work has developed the Texas-spawned recording project into a dream-folk extravaganza. The self-describe 'post-lunar buddha turds' debut LP Love's Crushing Diamond dropped in January this year and is available to buy through Other Record Music Recording Co's website and makes for irresistible, dream-hued listening.

Gander at: "Let's Play" / Statue of a Man, Golden Wake, Strong Swimmer

Stack with: The Migrant, The AntlersYouth Lagoon

Links: Facebook, SoundCloudBandcamp

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