Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Catch of the Day: The Cathars

Assuring Australia's prominence as the authority on contemporary psych-rock, Brisbane four-piece The Cathars showcase a chromatic array of funkadelic guitars, hook-driven expansive vocals and a hearty dose of rock 'n' roll drums and bass. Their sound is innovative and spectacularly diverse for a band so new in the making. Songs like Pickpocket have a distinctly King's of Leon quality to them, mixing rough-and-ready riffs with peppy power-packed vocals, whilst Swingers, available on the same EP, finds the group crafting a far more mellow and refined number that would easily be at home on an Arctic Monkeys record. It's on psych-rock soundscapes like My Dad and Suzi Quatro that the group really shine however, effortlessly blending ethereal Unknown Mortal Orchestra-esque refrains with Tame Impala guitar-stylings and Jagwar Ma harmonies. The Cathars are definitely one to watch if the handful of songs in their discography are anything to go by.

Gander at: My Dad and Suzi Quatro, Swingers, Pickpocket, (More if you can find it)

Stack with: Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Links: Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp

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