Monday, 14 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Is Tropical

Mask-clad London trio Is Tropical's brand of infectious electro-indie blends psych-rock riffs and vocals with contagious synth hooks and compulsively danceable beats. It's a difficult sound to pull of without falling into the generic void that lies somewhere between indie rock and synth-pop, but Simon Milner's rock-informed vocals, combined with the three-piece's catchy guitar melodies, succeed in carving a new niche for the London three-piece. The group currently have a couple of albums under their belt: debut 2011 offering Native To - packed with fast-paced raucous indie dance tunes - and latest effort I'm Leaving released earlier this year - sporting a more subdued, chilled-out vibe - and we look forward for more to come from the masked minstrels.

Gander at: South Pacific, Land of the Nod, Dancing Anymore

Stack with: Swim Deep, Gold Fields, Hot Chip 

Links: WebsiteFacebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp

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