Thursday, 17 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Last Dinosaurs

Borrowing their name from a song by Japanese group The Pillows, Brisbane three-piece Last Dinosaurs specialise in an energised mix of Two Door-inspired guitar riffs and brisk-bass stylings that make for a blend of frolicking pop and fast-paced indie rock. The guitar-work is often math-rock-esque in songs such as Time & Place and Honolulu, and when combined with the vibrant, catchy vocals of frontman Sean Caksey, is arresting and addictive in its composition, and more than a little difficult to get out of you head. The Australian trio's 2012 debut LP In A Million Years is available now from their Website and we hope they keep their brand of effervescent indie rock coming.

Gander at: Andy, Time & Place, Zoom

Stack with: Two Door Cinema Club, Dog is Dead, Friendly Fires 

Links: Website, FacebookSoundCloud

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