Saturday, 19 October 2013

Catch of the Day: Millions

Occupying a sonic territory somewhere between Dr Dog, Yellow Ostrich, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Peace, Brisbane quartet Millions forge a brand of guitar-centric, harmony-peppered pop-rock that can be both doleful in songs like Cruel, off of their 2012 EP by the same name, and energetic riff-tastic rock, showcased in the likes of Champagne from latest EP offering Nine Lives, Six Degrees. It's bands like Millions - whos stagenames include the likes of 'Dominc Had a daddy' and 'Crampy Spliff' - that reassure us that audacious anti-electronica indie rock is still alive and well.

Gander at: Champagne, Guru, Those Girls

Stack with: Dr Dog, Yellow Ostrich, Bombay Bicycle Club

Links:  Facebook, Bandcamp

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