Monday, 11 November 2013

Catch of the Day: Kevin M. Kirker

There are a whole host of increasingly popular artists such as Pomplamoose, Walk of the Earth and Andy McKee to name a few, who have made a name for themselves through the wondrous world of YouTube, and many more who are still waiting to be discovered. Kevin M. Kirker falls into the latter category as a musician whose work is yet to receive the recognition it deserves. Kirker's blend of soft-spoken vocal harmonies with meandering harp melodies is perhaps overly lovely at times, and there's probably a limit to how much one can safely listen to before being lost forever to his world of harp-induced tranquility. The California based singer has a trio of LPs available to buy on iTunes now.

Gander at: People Grow From Trees, One Billion Words, A Map Is Not Required

Stack with: Elliot Smith, S. Carey, Richard Walters

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