Saturday, 16 November 2013

Metronomy - I'm Aquarius

It's been a long three years since the Devon quartet's quirkily electronic release The English Riviera in 2011, but the Totness troubadours are finally back with single I'm Aquarius, in anticipation of their upcoming LP Love Letters. I'm Aquarius is, as you might expect, immediately recognisable as Metronomy and beneath Joseph Mount's definitively dejected vocals, we're treated to a Bebop-esque 'Shoo-doo-doo-ah' refrain courtesy of drummer Anna Prior's polished ethereal vocal harmonies. Amidst it all, Metronomy's trademark organ-informed keys and bare-boned percussion keep things moving, interjected from time to time by aptly aquatic sounding synth. Love Letters is due to drop in March 2014 through Because Records and can be pre-ordered on iTunes here.

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