Friday, 10 January 2014

Catch of the Day: High Water

Self-described purveyor of 'golden noise for the back of your heart', High Water is the moniker for Brown graudate and multi-instrumentalist Will Epstein, whose blend of ethereal indie rock and lullaby-hued soundscapes has an ecclectic quality to it akin to the likes of Animal Collective, overflowing with sparkling synth-tones, nebulous samples, and even the odd horn refrain. Epstein's soft-sung harmonies often blossom from little more than an introverted whisper into frangible, but WU LYF-esque choral crescendos, leading the array of instrumentation with them, and the effect is often mesmerising. High Water's debut EP The Beautiful Moon dropped last October on Other People's label and is available to listen to on SoundCloud or purchase through iTunes.

Gander at: Someday, Forest Eyes, Railroad Song

Stack with: Animal Collective, WU LYF, Volcano Choir

Links: SoundCloud, Facebook

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