Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Daily Shuffle: Carlos Santana

As The Years Go By by Carlos Santana.

Taken from a compilation entitled Flower Power: Happy Hippy Hits I suspect this the CD responsible for this recording was salvaged from the 99p rack at an Oxfam store.

For a song on a Happy Hippy Hits compilation, it's really not very happy. But nonetheless you can't help but marvel at Santana's smooth-sung blues and fancy guitar work. Not too mention all that Animals' House of the Rising Sun inspired organ. Contrary to being a psychedelic flower-fest as the album title would suggest, this is probably the sort of song to drink hard liquor to whilst drunkenly bellowing that 'I gave you all that I own / that's one thing you can't deny' as you're briskly escorted from your third Weatherspoons of the night.

Who cares?
For fans of 70s guitar-driven blues-rock. See also: Santana (the band), Eric Clapton.

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