Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Daily Shuffle #15: 'Bus'


Feeling inexplicably compelled to bestow Andrew's brand of oft-happy, sometimes sad, sunny, polished pop upon my music upon my music library after hearing Sushi, Bus is just another song on his 2010 LP Real Blasty.

Founded on a bedrock of clean-cut drums and a plodding piano and guitar chord sequence, Bus is a copy-paste pop heartbreak ballad in which Andrews makes it abundantly clear that love is his only bargaining chip - 'take my love / it's all I am / take my love / it's all I have - amidst a flurry of wailing woebegone guitars. A far cry from the likes of grotesquely-gleeful You Always Make Me Smile, for which Andrews is perhaps best known, Bus is not unpleasant listening, but nothing new.

Who cares?

For fans of radio-friendly heart-on-sleeve-pop, of the likes of Bruce Walker, Matt and Kim, and Newton Faulkner.

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